This collection reconstructs famous historic and fictional trials capturing moments that speak to the drama and transformational nature of the trial and jury system.

The Trials and Jury Scenes Collection

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All Roads Lead To The Truth

In the White House Cabinet Room, October 16th 2019, a principled, calm, confident woman leader stands up to a misogynist, lying, belligerent and self serving President.



Roger Sherman Baldwin defends 53 Africans imprisoned as runaway slaves from the Portuguese ship La Amistad.


Atticus Defends Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson faces the death penalty before a prejudiced all white jury in Maycomb, AL.


Ideal Warren Court

The Justices of the Supreme Court who served under Chief Justice Earl Warren.


Jury Deliberation

An ethnically diverse modern jury deliberates passionately over the facts of the case.


Leopold Loeb Trial

Clarence Darrow delivers his passionate, 12 hour criticism of capital punishment in Chicago 1924.


Lone Holdout Juror

As most of the jurors push for a quick guilty verdict, a lone holdout insists that they examine the evidence more thoroughly.


Scopes Trial 

Clarence Darrow defends John T. Scopes, who was accused of teaching Darwinism in Tennessee in 1925.


Scopes Trial II

Clarence Darrow defends John T. Scopes, who was accused of teaching Darwinism in Tennessee in 1925.


Your Father’s Passin'

Atticus Finch leaves the Maycomb Court House after the jury conviction of Tom Robinson. 


Twelve Angry Jurors

Twelve top litigators from the Ottawa Region stage a gender neutral version of Reginald Rose's brilliant play.


Twelve Angry Men

The tension mounts as one by one jurors start to realize that perhaps the accused is not guilty of murdering his father after all. 


1902 Scranton Coal Miners Strike

John Mitchell, Clarence Darrow, and Rev. John J. Curran present the miner’s case to the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission.


Rogers Defends Darrow

Earl Rogers defends Clarence Darrow, who was indicted for attempted jury bribery in The Los Angeles Times bombing trial of 1912.

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