Meet Our Sponsors

The Trial Lawyer National Portrait Gallery (TLNPG) is honored to have three exceptional partners and sponsors in its quest to build a comprehensive collection of original art documenting the history of the trial lawyer community and reflecting its core values of fairness and justice for all.

Thomas V. Girardi

Thomas V. Girardi, prominent Los Angeles trial attorney of the law firm Girardi Keese, is renowned for his exceptional trial skills in over 100 juried cases (including the famous Erin Brockovich case); his copious, prestigious awards; his originality; his compassion; and his committed support of creative talent. He sits on the Madison Council, a private board of trustees of the Library of Congress and has recently endowed the Library with a remarkable collection of 96 courtroom illustrations capturing great trials of the American justice system.  His support for TLNPG is invaluable.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 9.34.37 AM.png

Portrait of Thomas Girardi, TLNPG sponsor and Los Angeles trial attorney.

Robert Silkey

Robert Silkey is a visionary business leader, creative entrepreneur and the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Einstein Industries Inc. in San Diego. He leads a world class team of professionals dedicated to business solutions and internet strategies, assuring a premium web presence for professional clients throughout the United States. TLNPG is truly a virtual gallery thanks to the generosity, commitment, and expertise of the people at Einstein Law.

Portrait of Robert Silkey, TLNPG sponsor and the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Einstein Industries.

Images of Justice

Images Of Justice was founded in 1991 by the artist, author, publisher, and speaker, Trevor Goring to explore the visual history and symbolism of the law from earliest times.  For over 25 years, we have developed lasting relationships with thousands of distinguished members of the legal community, as well as with multiple legal associations, courthouses, and law firms.

All works in the Images Of Justice collection are created to the highest museum quality standards. The entire body of work is designed to celebrate those who have dedicated their lives to maintaining the fundamental values of a fair and balanced criminal and civil justice system accessible to all.

Trevor Goring, the artist and mind behind Images of Justice and TLNPG.




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